Defense demands a retrial for the “Racket” case: The verdict cannot be based on Orce and Ana Kamchev’s testimony


The defense of BojanJovanovski and KaticaJaneva demands that the verdict passed by the Basic Criminal Court in Skopje in the “Racket” case be revoked and that the case be returned for a retrial. The defense cited the lack of evidence and expertise as key reasons for such requests, which, according to the lawyers, caused a substantial violation.Janeva received seven and Jovanovski nine years in prison for the “Racket” case.

Attorney SashkoDukovski asked the second instance judges if such a verdict could be based on the testimony of only two witnesses, namely Orce and Ana Kamcev.

For the defense, businessman OrceKamchev does not have the status of a damaged party, although the case refers to the fact that 1.5 million euros were taken from him in order for him to receive preferential treatment in the “Empire” case where he is one of the suspects.

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