Filipche: It’s not the right time for weddings and concerts yet


We are noticing a trend of decreasing the number of newly infected patients with covid-19, and there is a significant discharge of hospitals, said the Health Minister VenkoFilipche at Monday’s press conference.

“More than half of the facilities are free and all this gave the right to propose relaxation of the restrictions and in that sense shortening the curfew which will start at midnight. Fitness centers and gyms will be opened, and hospitality facilities will be open until 11:30 pm. Meetings and events will also be allowed. I sincerely hope that these trends will bear fruit, so soon we will be able to allow concerts and weddings. Now we cannot allow weddings and concerts, because we have an estimate that people there will not respect the measures, i.e. they will not keep the required distance of two meters,” said Filipche.

He noted that about 110,000 citizens have been vaccinated so far, and 23,000 of them have been revaccinated.

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