Miteva: Carovska discriminates against children and emphasizes economic and social inequality


Mila Carovska continues with her mission to implement digitalization that will cost the Republic of Macedonia several million a year, despite all the skepticism that is presented to the public, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson MarijaMiteva.

“With this concept, there will be even more social and economic inequality in society, and directly to the detriment of the youngest. This class stratification is introduced by the Minister who until two years ago did not convince us every day that the future of the society is precisely in dealing with and eradicating this phenomenon. Class stratification will also have psychological consequences for children, this is exactly what is pointed out in all the arguments by the most affected. Additionally, the technical and technological possibilities of the primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia are far from ready for introduction and implementation of such a concept. SDSM and Carovska are trying to forcefully push through such scandalous and enormously expensive concepts, while omitting the constitutionally guaranteed right to equal education for all. Throughout her term, Carovska has practiced an inconsistent way of working, which is unacceptable in the educational process. Through the change of the teaching process, from teaching with physical presence to online and vice versa, from changing the curriculum and the program contents of the textbooks, by not providing appropriate conditions for everyone to follow the curriculum, to this scandalous decision for digitalization, and at the same time “by abolishing textbooks,” Miteva said.

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