Miloshoski: One of the problems for not starting EU negotiations is the great corruption led by Zaev


VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski, asked about the rumors that the problem with Bulgaria should be resolved to start negotiations with the European Union, replied:

“Regarding the start of negotiations between Macedonia and the EU, I will emphasize that Macedonia deserved the start of negotiations in 2009 when it received a recommendation from the European Commission that it is ready to start membership negotiations. Regarding the claims of Zoran Zaev and the request for excuses, we are amazed how the same person who claimed in 2018 that Macedonia started the membership negotiations today can look for excuses why Macedonia does not start the membership negotiations. In 2018, there was no veto from Bulgaria, but the negotiations were not started, today we have additional problems, and one of the problems for not starting the negotiations is the great corruption led by Zoran Zaev, and as a country we rank 111th as a hybrid regime in perception of corruption”, said MP Miloshoski.

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