Deputy PM Dimitrov tells Greek “Ta Nea”: European Union completes European unification with Western Balkans


Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov is convinced of, as he says, the historical significance of the Prespa Agreement because it opened the possibility for cooperation between the two countries, which is an investment in stability.

“I’m sure that the agreement was historic. It will take years for us to see the necessary historical distance to determine its historical significance. But history will show that we were right. I have no dilemma in that. Usually when we talk about the Prespa Agreement we mean the solution of the name issue. But the agreement has another dimension in terms of strengthening cooperation in all areas. “And it was an investment in the stability of the region,” Dimitrov said in an interview with Greek daily Ta Nea.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that it is very important for the EU flag to cover the Western Balkans, because it is a matter of completing the process of European unification.

“I do not think that Europe can be united without a region that is within its borders. People in Western Europe usually think of the Western Balkans as a region bordering on Europe, but in reality it is a region surrounded by EU member states. Our geography, our economy is part of Europe. Both the Western Balkans and Europe will be better off if the EU flag covers this region as well. We have common interests in the field of security and it is not limited to security in the Balkans, but also to security risks in Europe,” Dimitrov said.



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