Israel expresses gratitude to Macedonian politicians for supporting the fight against Hamas


The state of Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on social media on Sunday expressed gratitude to 25 countries around the world “for supporting Israel’s right to protection from terror,” including Macedonia, the United States, Canada and Albania.

Unfortunately, in the last conflict in Israel, Palestinians and Jews and Arabs, members of the three religions, were killed.

In a message posted on his Twitter account, Netanyahu wrote, “Thank you for resolutely standing by Israel and supporting our right to self-defense against terrorist attacks.”

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE, through its leader Hristijan Mickoski, also announced indirect support for Israel, explaining that the statement of the party leader does not refer to the Palestinian people, nor to the Muslims, nor to the Arab minority in Israel. They clarified that it refers to the right of a state, a certified friend of Macedonia, to protect its territory when it is rocketed by militant groups.

“We urge political leaders in Israel and the region to continue to put in sincere efforts toward deescalation and to act with determination against extremists who create serious security problems and endanger civilian lives. We express our deep condolences for all lives lost and wish speedy deescalation of the situation and return to peaceful and secure life for all citizens in the region,” Mickoski said in a social media message.

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