Stankovski: SDSM leadership eliminated Dimitrievski because he had his views


Delegates of the Kumanovo Congress reacted because Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski was not a candidate for a member of the Central Committee and demanded an item on the agenda for adding candidates.

Boris Stankovski of the EC SDSM Kumanovo at the closed part of the SDSM Congress, pointed out that the situation is escalating in the party and the leadership eliminates mayor Maksim Dimitrievski from the Central Board.

“Is it because mayor Dimitrievsi had his own views and opinions that is the reason why he is not included in this list of members for the SDSM Central Committee? Since there is no logic, as I said, some illogical things have been done lately. This is not the time for vanity, this is not the time for chasing, we should all unite, solve the problem, what is it like, who is the problem. Is the problem in the headquarters in Skopje, is it in the municipal organization and I ask the working presidency to put Maksim Dimitrievski’s name on the list of proposed candidates for the Central Committee, and for the delegates to state whether they are in favor or against,” said Stankovski.

Watch his entire discussion in the video below:



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