VMRO-DPMNE presents a letter to the Public Procurement Bureau indicating concealment of unit prices in tenders


The Public Procurement Bureau sent a letter to the institutions, ministries, agencies, state and public enterprises and municipalities in which it warns the institutions that some of them do not attach the individual prices per items after concluding the contracts that are the result of the tender procedure. This is the letter. Some of the institutions run by SDSM staff hide the unit prices in the tender procedures. And with that they violate the law and cast doubt on abuses, said VMRO-DPMNE MP BojanStojanoski at Tuesday’s press briefing.

“In recent days, we have published how PetreShilegov, Zlatko Marin, Stefan Bogoev, SasaBogdanovic, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and State Roads spent millions of public money, and then did not publish the individual prices on the website of the Public Procurement Bureau. What are these officials hiding and why did they violate the Law on Public Procurement and its Article 70, paragraph 3,” Stojanoski said.

“Is the government hiding abuses by concealing the unit prices by not publishing them?” These institutions have a legal obligation to publish unit prices, and if they do not, the Public Procurement Bureau can block them. We expect the Public Procurement Bureau to act in accordance with the Law and to block these institutions, and the Anticorruption Agency and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to open cases immediately. There must be accountability for such cases,” Stojanoski added.

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