Filipche: Pressure on the hospitals has dropped, the Indian COVID-19 strain is the most dangerous one but there are no cases of it


At today’s press conference in front of the vaccination point “A1 Arena” in “Boris Trajkovski” sports arena, Health Minister Venko Filipche stressed that now the number of newly diagnosed cases is really small, something that is felt even after the pressure in hospitals. He pointed out that currently the most dangerous is the Indian variant of COVID-19, because it has a double mutation of the virus.

“A number of COVID centers have been returned to normal operation, it is practically the entire surgical clinic, a good part of the internal clinics, and probably by the end of this week the entire building of the internal clinics will be returned to normal function. The Rehabilitation Center in Kozle and the Children’s Hospital in Kozle have returned to normal function,” informed Minister Filipche.


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