Nikoloski: Macedonian society should work hard towards internal reforms and economic development and fight against organized crime and corruption


We had an extremely interesting, quality event today with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. We talked about the perspectives for the European future of Macedonia, dedicated to Europe Day, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski told a press conference.

“I can repeat what I stressed in my address, and that is that in Macedonia all political parties have a clear commitment to Macedonia’s membership in the EU. It gives a force to this whole process of European integration. But at the same time we are facing a blockade that Bulgaria has unfortunately imposed. And I think that the Macedonian society should think strongly about turning to itself, i.e. internal reforms and economic development, especially in the fight against organized crime and corruption, as well as economic development in the area of ​​infrastructure and in terms of creating jobs,” Nikoloski pointed out.


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