Mickoski: No one is combating organized crime, because the same people are involved in political persecution


Elections are coming, and political pressures as well as orders in the prosecution and judiciary are normally increasing. If it is not clear why no one is dealing with the fight against organized crime, it is because the same people are engaged in political persecution, wrote VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on social media.

“Ruskovska’s lawsuit for a video from the parliamentary election campaign, which she lost in the first instance, is being returned by the Court of Appeals for revision. The Court of Appeals obviously respects the “emotional pain and fear” from the video, at the same time when the people are emotionally saddened that they chased commissions instead of vaccines, that world mobsters still roam the world with Spasovski’s passports, that it is still not know where the money from the racket ended up, that there is no money for the treatment of the citizens, and there is a million-dollar firefighting ladder truck for Shilegov. If they think they are going to scare us, they are wrong. If they think they will win, they will lose by a wide margin! Justice will reach them,” Mickoski wrote on Facebook.


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