Prosecution approves lifting of Mijalkov’s detention after offering almost 11 million euros bail


After the information that the Criminal Court will decide whether the former UBK director Sasho Mijalkov will be released from custody, due to a million-dollar guarantee, the Prosecutor’s Office confirms that they have agreed to defend him at large. The offered bail is of almost 11 million euros.

“The Prosecution, assessing the circumstances and having in mind the allegations in the proposal and amendments to lift the detention measure and replace it with a bail measure, assessed that the amount of bail offered in the submitted proposals in the total amount of 10,871,170 euros is acceptable to the prosecution for providing the defendant until the verdict becomes final, says the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption.

Mijalkov has been in the Skopje remand prison since February 23rd, when after several days of mysterious disappearance he appeared before the Prosecution to pick up his detention order. While in custody, two first-instance verdicts were handed down, a 12-year prison sentence in the “Fortress-Target” illegal wiretapping case and an 8-year prison sentence in the “Trezor” case and the illegal procurement of electronic communications monitoring software.

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