Mickoski: The sooner the Government leaves, the sooner real reforms in education come, I support parents against Carovska’s quasi-reforms


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski paid a visit to Shtip on Thursday and answered questions from the media. One of the media questions was about education reforms.

“Fact number one, and that is that the expensive online learning platform that was supposed to start on September 1st last year started with a month delay, i.e. on October 1st. The money was spent, there is no responsibility,” Mickoski stressed.

Mickoski added that there will be responsibility when this Government changes and does nothing for the good of the citizens.

“Fact number two, we do not have a university in the top 1,000, we have a University that is deeply rooted in the 2,000 or the last places in the world. Fact number three, we are at the bottom according to the PISA test. Fact number four, parents, thousands of parents are dissatisfied with these quasi-reforms envisaged by Mila Carovska and absolutely have my support primarily as a person, as a pedagogue and as a university professor, and then as a politician. And fact number five, the sooner this Government leaves, the sooner there will be real reforms in education that will revise all these parameters in a positive direction. That is, to have a university in the top 500 according to the Shanghai list, to be among the top 20 according to the PISA survey, to be people who will really implement digitalization but will not forget the textbooks because that practically defines children’s motor skills, reading, writing etc. The sooner this Government leaves, the sooner we will have real reforms and really better conditions for teachers in primary, secondary education and university professors,” said Mickoski.

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