Government does not give up on progressive taxation


At the moment we are only discussing possible reforms in the tax policy and we do not have a concrete proposal from anyone, not even from the Government, but analyzes are still being made because we have to prepare for the next measures. I believe that there is a field for a reasonable conversation, said today the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi after MANU proposed a minimal increase in taxes to provide more money in the state treasury and reduce public debt.

Any proposal is welcome if it goes in the direction of improving the conditions and quality of life of the citizens, but the Government must be careful not to create a greater burden for them than the citizens would receive rights. The increase of taxes is a kind of increase of the revenue side of the Budget, but I am one of those who from the beginning of the crisis pointed out that even in a period of crisis we should continue to fight the gray economy because it turned out that the gray economy was one of the factors for the greater negative effect of the crisis,” Bytyqi said

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