New vice-president of the ruling party reserved over “framework” employment


The director of the Public Revenue Office Sanja Lukarevska told TV 24 that if the employees under the Framework Agreement who are deployed in this institution do not show results in their work, then they will have to say goodbye to them.

“All staff in the PRO is part of our systematization that we have changed so that we can accept them. They will go through the test, we will not go easy on them. If they do not show results, we will have to say goodbye properly because no director who loves their institution and works conscientiously and honestly, would not want to have stains in their work,” said Lukarevska.

Asked about the decision of the former director of the Market Inspectorate Stojko Paunovski, who refused to hire “framework” employees due to inadequate education, Lukarevska said that it was his personal decision and that it has to be respected. The situation in the institution I lead, said Lukarevska, is different and we have a shortage of staff.

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