The robbery of the country must end, that’s why we need urgent changes, says Mucunski


Our citizens don’t deserve this kind of government, we see that it was about amounts of 250 thousand euros, and individuals connected high in government are involved. If the political system was normal, the government would have fallen, they would have called for responsibility themselves, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Timcho Mucunski in an interview with Alfa TV, while discussing the affair worth 250 thousand euros from REK Bitola involving Vice Zaev.

“We saw that the Ministry of Interior acted on this case during the time of Nakje Chulev, and what did SDSM do? They tore out pages, changed criminal charges and the prosecution should investigate this case, but the prosecution should only be investigated. Because we see that there are public prosecutors who abuse their official position, that is why the young people are leaving, we should fight for real, not fictitious justice. Additionally, the prosecution should be held accountable for the crime,” Mucunski said.

According to the opposition MP, the robbery and desolation of the country must end.

“Citizens should make a difference as before when VMRO-DPMNE was in power, how it is now with SDSM, what were the prices, what was the standard of living, what are the differences. Now we have a system in which there is no need for reform, there is not a single capital project,” said Mucunski, adding that urgent changes are needed because the country is falling apart.



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