Zaev should reveal whether he is preparing a new national betrayal and deviation of Macedonian history


What agreement does Zaev have on history with Bulgaria? Zoran Zaev must tell the whole public the truth about the sale of Macedonian history and identity. Zaev must admit what kind of agreement he made for St. Cyril and Methodius, St. Clement, St. Naum and Tsar Samoil?, asked opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“Zaev should stop bragging that they managed to ‘agree’ on five historical figures and three historical periods with Bulgaria, and at the same time he does not say what the agreement is.” He even announced that the next to “solve” was Goce Delchev. This is a clear recognition that identity issues are being negotiated and identity change continues. Macedonian citizens know very well that when Zaev negotiates, the whole of Macedonia loses. We ask Zoran Zaev to announce in front of the whole public what they agreed on for the educators, Tsar Samoil and Goce Delchev, i.e. is he preparing a new national betrayal and deviation of the Macedonian history of Bulgaria, said the opposition party.

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