Chamber of Commerce: Lack of waiters, receptionists, cooks and helpers


Catering and tourism companies lack 50 percent of the required staff, primarily waiters, receptionists, cooks and assistant cooks, show the results of an internal survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce in large restaurants and hotels that are members of which many do not were and still are not in operation. Official statistics show that the number of employees in the catering industry has been minimally reduced, i.e. around 400 people, but the survey shows that the decline in the number of employees is from 50 to 80 percent depending on the facility.

In 2020, according to the Chamber, this sector experienced a complete collapse and in the first months of the year there is still stagnation. Hospitality, as they say, until 2019 was one of the top three fastest growing industries in the world with an annual growth of over 10 percent and on average every third employee worked in this sector. In 2020, however, two studies conducted together with other chambers showed that there was a decline in turnover in hospitality and tourism by up to 80 percent and it lost almost 20,000 jobs.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the current needs in the hospitality industry for the composition of the working staff that they need in the operation process. The challenge of creating new jobs has definitely been replaced with the challenge of how to keep the existing ones and eventually fill the vacancies with appropriate staff “, said Daniela MihajlovskaVasilevska of the Chamber of Commerce at Monday’s press conference.

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