Stoilkovski: There is evidence of drug production of people close to Zaev, but there’s still no investigation


It is becoming increasingly clear that Macedonia is becoming a drug-producing country, it is increasingly clear that it is impossible to enter the black business without having a link to people close to the top of the regime and the ruling family. Macedonia and the regime are increasingly the target of research on their role in the black markets and links with the world mafia, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson NaumStoilkovskiat today’s press conference.

“A whole week after the investigation and journalistic story of the Balkan network BIRN about the connections between PredragKoluvija and the Jovanjica case from the end of 2019, a case against organized crime and corruption in Serbia, came to light. And the government in Macedonia is silent about the allegations of production and trade of drugs for the black market in Macedonia, silent about the connections of Koluvija in Macedonia, silent about the export to Macedonia of possible opiates that were falsely declared, silent about its companies in Macedonia, partners that is, Zaev’s closest associates,” said the party spokesperson.

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