Deputy PM Dimitrov: We don’t have to agree on everything with Sofia


One aspect of the compromise with Bulgaria is not to agree on everything, while the second is to do everything we can for a specific roadmap in areas of mutual interest, including timelines, so that we implement the Friendship Treaty, says Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov.

“I cannot go into details since the process is in a delicate stage of diplomatic talks, discussions and communication, but in general terms, the compromise has two aspects. The first is, in a way, that we agree not to agree on everything. The Bulgarian side has its own positions, the Macedonian has them too. The second aspect of the compromise is to do everything we can for a specific roadmap, including timelines and competent institutions, in areas of mutual interest, so that we implement the Friendship Treaty,” Deputy PM Dimitrov told Radio Free Europe when asked whether Bulgarian expectations contained in the 2019 declaration would be incorporated in the roadmap that Skopje is set to deliver.

According to him, interest regarding the construction of corridors, cultural cooperation etc, between the two countries is indisputable.

“We have an authentic interest to develop this cooperation even without the Friendship Treaty. The Treaty also stimulates neighboring Bulgaria, which has the same interest. We have to find a way, maybe through a more productive atmosphere within the Joint Commission on Historical Issues, but this is ensured only if Bulgaria becomes the supporter we had when the country held the EU Presidency,” notes Dimitrov.

On the work of the Joint Commission on Historical Issues, the Deputy PM says any political pressure would be counterproductive, adding it should be left alone in doing its work.

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