Spasevska: There are many obstacles to implement what Carovska announces


The civic initiative “Teaching and textbooks must exist” advocates for quality reforms in education. That is, we, as a civic initiative of concerned parents, guardians, teachers and other stakeholders, seek to prevent this draft law on textbooks and teaching materials in primary and secondary education. And if we succeed in that, then we seek to be part of a group of citizens who together with a professional team will work on new quality reforms in education, said DraganaSpasevska, initiator of the Facebook page “Teaching and textbooks must exist.”.

Spasevska added that the reform announced by the Education Minister is no printed textbooks from the fourth grade to the fourth year of high school. That is, they should be E-textbooks that will be installed on digital devices, and the citizens thought that this would not be a good reform that would serve for a better education.

“Scientific and professional research has shown that children’s memory develops better if children learn from printed textbooks,” said Spasevska.

Spasevska pointed out that the online teaching had revealed the difficulties the students and the teachers themselves had to face.

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