VMRO-DPMNE announced that the racketeering affair involving the PM’s brother was revealed to the party by a member of the SDSM top leadership


The information about the racketeering related to Vice Zaev and REK Bitola to VMRO-DPMNE did not reach employees of the Ministry of Interior or inspectors prosecuting organized crime and corruption, but came from a high-ranking member of the top leadership of SDSM, who due to the law for protection of whistleblowers cannot be named, but I repeat the information about the crime in REK Bitola and the racketeering in REK Bitola came from a high positioned member of the top leadership of SDSM, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President AleksandarNikoloski on Monday.

“It’s been three days now, and instead of investigating the Vice and the leadership of REK Bitola, which tried to extort 250,000 euros, those who conditionally informed VMRO-DPMNE about this crime are being prosecuted. So we saw undercover police officers and special forces enter the homes of several inspectors who deal with crime detection and conduct searches in the presence of their wives and children, which is unacceptable and reminds of some totalitarian times,” said Nikoloski.

He added that currently VMRO-DPMNE has numerous documents for other affairs and scandals of a corrupt nature that will be presented to the public in the next period. The information about those affairs, stressed Nikoloski, was also obtained from high-ranking officials at the very top of SDSM.

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