Mickoski: These four years have been stolen from the citizens’ lives


On June 1, 2017, this Government was formed with Prime Minister-designate Zoran Zaev. It is true that there was hope among the people due to his promises. But after four years, the result of all this is a huge disappointment. These 30 years of independence have never been easy, but now the people are living literally the hardest. This Government has broken the standards in politics, the abnormal has become normal, no one expects the Government to solve problems anymore, but the daily struggle is at least not to create new problems. And the most important thing is that if we have to describe this four-year rule in short sentences, These were four lost years for our lives, four years of emptying the pockets of our citizens and of replacing justice with injustice, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at Tuesday’s press briefing.

“People like Den Donchev, Vice and Trajce Zaev, Vasko Kovacevski, Aleksandar Kiracovski, Ljupcho Nikolovski… They are not the cause of the crime, they are the consequence of Zaev’s crimes. They are just servants of Zaev in his criminal endeavors,” Mickoski said.

“In reality, since 2017 and ending with 2020, the average growth rate was just 0.7 percent. The GDP grew by just 700 million EUR, while our debt is 1.7 billion EUR higher. Foreign investments in 2020 amounted to just 1.9 percent of GDP, while neighboring couintries beat Macedonia by a magnitude of between 2 and 6. And now Zaev promises eight billion EUR in investments and the arrival of companies like Facebook, Google and Volkswagen. This will again end up as an empty promise”, added Mickoski.


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