DUI party promotes green agenda


On the occasion of 19th anniversary of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), its leader Ali Ahmeti revealed on Saturday that the green agenda is becoming part of DUI’s concept in the upcoming local elections.

“On the 19th anniversary of DUI we start a new policy and direct action, a policy for environmental justice and quality life. The green agenda becomes part of DUI. DUI as a whole accepts the green agenda as part of the European Green Deal and includes it to our program pillars as a priority,” said Ahmeti.

“We have established equality through implementation of the Ohrid Peace Agreement, we have accomplished legalization of higher education in Albanian language, decentralization, national symbols and culture, Albanian language, equitable and adequate representation in the country, NATO integration, getting the green light for EU membership talks, along with many other benefits to our citizens,” Ahmeti noted.

“A young girl named Greta Thunberg traveled around the world spreading awareness about climate change and environmental policy, and everyone opened their doors for her. The time has come to open the door and accept these policies for a green, secure, developed and healthy future. This is what you young people are looking for. Young people are looking for living conditions like their peers in the west, jobs as well as a modern environment,” Ahmeti added.


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