Shilegov is SDSM’s favorite mayoral candidate, reassures Zaev


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in response to reporter’s question whether SDSM and DUI will jointly give support to Skopje mayor Petre Shilegov, who announced Friday that he will run for a second term, said that he supported the SDSM mayors, confirming that Shilegov is SDSM’s favorite mayoral candidate for the upcoming local elections.

“I have commented on the coalition partner DUI several times. They will say what they have to say today. I am glad that we are growing, improving, modernizing. I am the president of SDSM, of course I support all my social democrats, especially the mayors because they have worked hard for four years,” Zaev noted.

Regarding the announcement of Mayor Shilegov to run for a second term, he voiced confidence that he has built a high rating because, as he said, everything was done during the pandemic and during the referendum and the presidential and parliamentary elections all these four years.

“For SDSM leadership, it is very important to see what the citizens think and how they set things. Shilegov is one of our favorite mayoral candidates, I said that a few months ago here in Skopje. But at the same time, he is a good link between all coalition partners because of his cooperation. The success and strength are in the community,” Zaev said.


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