VMRO-DPMNE: Zaev pardoned Rashkovski through the media, the court unconditionally executed his orders


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev pardoned former Secretary General of his Government Dragi Rashkovski through the media, and the court executed him unconditionally. Rashkovski was caught buying his own patent with public money. There are suspicions of a dozen software purchases, and indications of misuse of public money are obvious. Rashkovski transferred all his property to his underage children just days before the investigation against him was opened. What did he hide and why, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s public statement.

“Rashkovski tried to hide his guilt when he fled to Mexico, thinking that the people would forget. The indications for a crime are great. The media also published evidence, and Zaev persistently defended his friend Rashkovski, and in a statement to the media from the position of Prime Minister put pressure on the judiciary. Rashkovski’s crimes, like those of Zaev, have been documented. The circus like the one we saw today will be short-lived, and the time for responsibility will come, and then Zaev will not be in a position to influence the judiciary,” said the opposition party.


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