Over a thousand Macedonian citizens went to Serbia this weekend to get vaccinated against COVID-19


Macedonian nationals can get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Serbia’s Vranje without prior appointment. All they have to do is bring a valid ID card, passport or ID card, RTS reports.

According to the Serbian public service, people from all parts of Macedonia come to Vranje for vaccination, mostly from Skopje and Kumanovo, as well as entire families.

As of this morning, 353 people have been vaccinated in the sports hall in Vranje, of which 274 are citizens of Macedonia.

“We have not made an appointment, we just came, and we were welcomed. I want to thank President AleksandarVucic,” a woman told RTS in Macedonian.

In an RTS poll, Macedonian citizens said that they came as a family despite the scheduled date in Skopje, and that young people have not yet been called in for vaccination by the Macedonian healthcare authorities.

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