Possible election of Ivanova and Taleski means “Zaevization” of the Constitutional Court, warns Miloshoski


I use today’s press conference as an opportunity to inform you that the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition informed the international factors in Macedonia, especially the delegation of the European Union that the two possible candidates for members of the Constitutional Court, these are SDSM’s Cvetanka Ivanova and lawyer Taleski from Bitola also from the ransk of SDSM, they violate Article 111 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia if they are proposed and elected judges in the Constitutional Court, because Article 111 is very clear and says that the function of a judge in the Constitutional Court is incompatible with membership in a political party. Both Ms. Cvetanka Ivanova and Mr. Taleski from Bitola have done the most that they have distinguished themselves in their membership in SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski said at Wednesday’s press conference.

“Therefore, we believe that this would be not only partisanship, but also a joke of the Constitutional Court. At a time when Macedonia is at a low 111th place due to corruption, with very bad grades, among other things due to the partisanship of important state institutions, we must not allow the “Zaevization” of the Constitutional Court. On the other hand, one of the candidates who is also nominated, Ms. Cvetanka Ivanova, apart from being party active, she does not meet the criteria of a prominent lawyer. She graduated from law school, but has no professional or scientific work, nor any internship in the judiciary or other law enforcement bodies to be considered a prominent lawyer,” Miloshoski said.

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