Police officer provokes citizens at protest in Ohrid: Let them attack you, colleagues!


At a civil protest in Ohrid, directed against the policies of the current government, the police officers provoked the protesters instead of maintaining order.

Although they consciously incited riots and possible escalation of the situation characteristic of such events, due to the awareness of the head of the Municipal Committee of VMRO-DPMNE-Ohrid Sasho Donev, no unwanted actions took place.

In the video below you can see a police officer trying to tell his colleagues to create conditions for a riot, saying: “Let them attack you, colleagues! To this, Donev tells them to stop provoking the citizens, asking the police: Who should they attack, you?”

На ова претседателот Донев им вели да престанат со провокациите кон граѓаните, прашувајќи ги полицајците: А, кого да нападнат, вас?

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