Interior Minister: There’s an impression that our countries are riddled with crime and corruption


 We’ll defend Europe better from crime if we are also part of the EU. Our position is clear – we’re consistent on our European path, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said in an interview with Slovenia’s Delo.

“A majority of the citizens want the country to join EU. The region has no alternative to EU membership. We’ll do everything we can to meet the goal and open negotiations with the EU. I hope there will be breakthrough before Slovenia kicks off its presidency of the Council of the EU,” Spasovski said.

Crime and corruption, he said, is not exclusive in the Balkans, it’s a phenomenon that has been also registered in the Western countries.

“There’s an impression that our countries are riddled with crime and corruption. It’s our job to change that. To a large extent, we’re dedicated to reforming legislation. But, the main question is how to reform mentality and values, how to stop looking for gap in laws. If we succeed in that, everything else will be much easier,” the Minister said.

He confirmed that flow on the Balkan migration route has been eased this year with less attempts by 17.2% for illegal crossing into Macedonia in the first four months in 2021 compared to the same period last year.

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