Shilegov lied to the public, they had approval for three and cut down ten trees, accusses Miteva


The story of the City of Skopje that the tree line on Orce Nikolov Street was cut in accordance with the Law is just another lie of Shilegov. This is the solution that approves cutting of 10 trees as well as pruning of a whole tree line along the Orce Nikolov Street. There are many illogicalities in the solution itself. First, the decision was issued for cutting 10 trees that are located on the stretch from the intersection with “Ruzveltova” to the intersection with “Leninova”. Additionally, according to the information we have, only three of these ten trees should have been cut down in this part of “Orce Nikolov”, for which there is a permit for cutting according to the decision, and a total of thirteen were cut, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva at today’s press conference.

“For such manipulation with the citizens, it is necessary for the City of Skopje to submit all the documentation for inspection, and Shilegov should be aware that acting contrary to the laws entails responsibility. It is not at all surprising that this decision was made by Kocho Stojchevski, the famous house master of the Municipality of Centar, who was redistributed by Shilegov to the City of Skopje as a manager. Numerous scandals are related to Kocho who was magically promoted from house master to inspector of the Municipality of Centar and then head of the City of Skopje”, says the spokesperson of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

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