Macedonian citizens unable to get passports because the government issues them to international mobsters, accuses the opposition


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev turned Macedonia into a country in which the mafia regime has an advantage and everyone else is a second-class citizen, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at a press briefing.

The opposition spokesperson criticized the decision of the Ministry of Interior and the Government to extend the validity of expired passports of Macedonian citizens abroad, due to lack of ordered and printed travel documents. At the same time, Stoilkovski alluded to the affair that has been shaking the government for months, after it was revealed that at least several dozen people on international warrants for mass murder and organized crime, as well as jihadist terrorists, obtained legal passports in foreign names.

“The mafia regime, to which the Ministry of Interior belongs to the Minister Oliver Spasovski, does not issue passports for Macedonian citizens. There is no more shameful and ridiculous, but also more tragic decision than the amendment to the Law on Passports of Spasovski and the regime for extension of the validity of passports! The fact that Spasovski guarantees it at home does not mean that it is valid in the countries of the world!” said Stoilkovski.

He added that no one can guarantee that in any case of verification of documents by officials during their stay in a foreign country, the Macedonian citizen with an expired passport will not be subject to additional stress and possibly sanctions, until it is explained that in Macedonia issue new, valid passports and that they have simply decided that the old passports will remain valid.

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