Macedonian football fans drank three cisterns of beer in Bucharest  


During the temporary performance of the Macedonian national football team at the European Championship in Bucharest, the Macedonian fans “broke” a record.

Namely, from June 13th to June 17th, about 4,000 Macedonian fans cheered in Bucharest, and according to the local media, they earned around 450,000 euros from their visit to the metropolis, cafes, bars and bars.

According to media reports, Macedonian fans drank between 70,000 and 75,000 liters of beer, i.e. in only five bars in the old part of the city, Macedonian fans drank three beer cisterns.

The capacity of one cistern is about 25,000 liters, and in this case the fans of the Macedonian national team drank almost three cisterns of beer.

The Macedonian national football team has already moved to Amsterdam where they had their first training, and on Monday at 18:00 will have the last match of the third round against the Netherlands in C Group of the European Championship 2020.

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