IRI poll: Dissatisfaction with Zaev’s government is growing


The US International Republican Institute published a survey on the situation in Macedonia, conducted in the first quarter of 2021.

In terms of expectations for the future, especially whether Zaev met your main expectations, only 3% answered in the affirmative versus 31% who are completely betrayed. Generally 27% think, but generally 36% did not vote. This shows that the number of betrayed citizens by Zaev’s government is much higher than those who are satisfied.

In terms of citizens’ expectations regarding the economic situation for the next 2 years, only 15% expect it to improve. A huge percentage of 44% of citizens think it will be worse, and 37% that it will be as bad as now. This means that citizens do not expect much from the government in the coming years.

There is complete apathy regarding the expectations for improving the quality of life in general expectations. Only 7% expect their lives to improve, while 38% think it will get worse. 54% of the citizens think that it will remain the same and there will be nothing better.

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