Opposition calls on PM Zaev to show the proposal for the agreement with Bulgaria instead of denying it


This is a video collage of statements regarding Macedonia and Bulgaria, which ends with what arrived from Bulgaria as information sent by, as they say from there to media officials, that a proposal was given with five formulations, one of which is about for the same language, internationally recognized as two separate languages. The video is a brief reminder of everything Zaev has been saying for the last four years. This is a brief reminder of the messages that Zaev constantly sends to Sofia. This is a short but credible proof as a basis for belief in the briefings from official Sofia for the Bulgarian media that Zaev gave proposals in which the Macedonian language was stated to be the same language as the Bulgarian language. The same language, but in two countries recognized as two languages, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson NaumStoilkovski at a press conference and added:

“If Zaev really made this offer, then he is fully agreeing to the position that we are “one nation in two countries”, and wipes out the uniqueness of the Macedonian culture and language. That is even worse than the Bulgarian denial of the Macedonians, when Zaev acts in this servile manner and is openly preparing to perpetrate treason,” Stoilkovski said.

“ZoranZaev should not think of playing with the Macedonian national identity, not playing with the Macedonian language, Macedonian culture, Macedonian identity and Macedonian history, because he will receive a fierce response to any attempt to destroy the Macedonian national identity. The best denial, instead of defeatist rhetoric, is to present the proposal to the public, so that it can assess the truth on its own,” the opposition party spokesperson concluded.

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