Nikoloski reveals details: Zaev said at meetings that Macedonian and Bulgarian people are one people, with the same or similar language


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski told Sitel TV News that Zaev at a meeting in Bulgaria said conversationally that he believes that Bulgarians and Macedonians are the same people and speak the same language, and then said that it is only personal opinion, although as prime minister he represents a country. Nikoloski pointed out that this is Zaev’s dishonest attitude, one in public, another in meetings.

“First, a clear and serious debate with the future of the country, but not with a press conference, but through a wide debate with all social structures. I think it is a mistake that last year President Pendarovski rejected the idea of ​​membership in the European Economic Community, because at the end of the day the citizens want us to become members of the EU to live better,” said Nikoloski.

Nikoloski pointed out that the second thing is intensive reforms inside and in the rule of law and in part of the economy and the use of European funds.

“It was confirmed to me on Tuesday that one of the reasons why the high-speed railway ends at the border with Serbia, supported by the EU and which does not continue to Skopje, is because there is no project. So the Ministry of Transport and Communications does not have a high-speed railway project that would start at the Serbian border and end at the Greek border. I have been talking about this for months,” Nikoloski stressed.


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