Council of Ambassadors: Another injustice to Macedonia, now from Bulgaria


The Council of Ambassadors received with great disappointment the decision of the General Affairs Council of the European Union not to recommend holding the first intergovernmental conference between the Republic of North Macedonia and the EU due to the further strong and incomprehensible opposition of only one EU member state, neighboring Bulgaria.

The Council considers this to be one of the many injustices inflicted on our country on its path to European integration since its independence, although the country has always zealously complied with Union demands for reforms in many areas of life.

“The Council regrets that this time Macedonia and its so far stable good neighborly relations with Bulgaria have become inappropriately part of the election campaign in this member state of the Union through demands that were contrary to European values, standards and principles of action. The Council also considers that the EU institutions should not become a forum for debating the historical issues of the nations, but a place for discussing the deepening of friendship between nations, the overall economic, social and cultural prosperity, the successful fight against international terrorism and the eradication of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Council of Ambassadors considers that the EU Commission’s repeated statement that the countries of the Western Balkans have a place in the Union, without concrete results, is a failure to meet the expected obligations of the EU, which undermines the credibility of the Union,” the statement added.


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