With the continuous increase of fuel prices, Zaev increases the monthly expenses of each family


The crisis tax introduced by ZoranZaev for fuels and the ruling SDSM of 4.13 denars directly affects the pockets of the citizens, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson DimcheArsovski said at a press conference on Sunday and pointed out that every family due to the continuous increase in fuel prices In recent years, on average, there have been increased costs by at least 600 denars, which according to him covers the state debts and unproductive costs by the government.

“Personally, ZoranZaev with his imposed duties from the beginning of the mandate until now, the duties per liter of fuel have been increased by 14 denars per liter. Thus, a family with these imposed duties per liter of fuel per month, if it consumes one tank of 40 liters in its car, the duties are increased by an average of 600 denars per family. Macedonian citizens pay enormously expensive fuels, just to cover the debt and unproductive costs of this government, and only in the last year gasoline has risen from 50 denars per liter to 71.5 denars, and diesel from 46 denars per liter to 63 denars. This should cover the unproductive spending of SDSM and the whole robbery. This price shock prepared by the government will raise all taxes in the transport sector,” Arsovski said.

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