Government withdraws Law on Textbooks – there will be no referendum


The Government is withdrawing the Draft Law on Textbooks and Teaching Materials, which should have allowed fourth-graders to start learning from digital textbooks starting next year.

The initiative “There must be textbooks and teaching” received an official notification from Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi that the Government is withdrawing the Law on Textbooks and Teaching Materials in primary and secondary education.

The representative of the initiative Dragana Spasevska says that due to this withdrawal, no referendum will be held, as they demanded.

“Today, parental cohesion, perseverance and combativeness has paid off and yielded results. Today, the Government withdrew the draft law on textbooks and other teaching materials for primary and secondary education. With the withdrawal of this law, it is not necessary to hold a referendum. With this we have proved that we parents, regardless of religion, nation and political affiliation, can jointly act in society for the good of our children and their future, says Spasevska in a short statement for Sitel TV.

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