MFA without a protest note over the denial of the Macedonian language


It’s been two days now, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not reacted to the shameful denial of the Macedonian language by senior state officials of Portugal.

Portugal’s Secretary of State for European Affairs Ana Paula Zacarias, does not speak only on her own behalf. She is neither a retired politician, nor an opposition MP, nor an independent analyst. She speaks Macedonian as part of Bulgarian, coming from an official position in Portugal. It is at the highest political level in Europe, at a time when Portugal holds the EU presidency, says VMRO-DPMNE EC member Stefan Andonovski.

Andonovski says that the statement that the Macedonian language originates from the Bulgarian language, is nothing but revealing the secret and behind-the-scenes games that Zoran Zaev plays with Bulgaria. His statements that the language spoken in Macedonian Strumica and Bulgarian Petrich are the same language should not be forgotten.

– As soon as senior Portuguese officials who come up with proposals for resolving the bilateral dispute over the Macedonian language say that the Macedonian language was part of the Bulgarian language, obviously it was part of the negotiations that Zaev and Buckovski had with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. What Zoran Zaev has been hiding from the Macedonian people for months is exactly what Zakariash is talking about in his press briefing. The non-opposition of this attempt to create a new artificial language from the Macedonian language, shows what the servants of the government are ready for in order to protect their personal wealth at the expense of the Macedonians. At the same time, the Macedonian Foreign Ministry is silent and does not send an official note to Portugal about the behavior of their holder of a top state position. There was no reaction from the Portuguese embassy. There is no protection of the Macedonian language. There is no defense of the Macedonian national interests. The Macedonian language is the foundation of the Macedonian state. Language is one of the most important postulates of the statehood and identity of the people. Any disrespect and non-protection of the Macedonian language by the holders of the most important functions of the state is a crime against the state,” Andonovski stressed.

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