Poll: VMRO-DPMNE ahead of SDSM by 1.7 percent


A poll conducted by MKD.mk and Market Vision shows a growing VMRO-DPMNE lead over SDSM. The conservative party is now projected at 1.7 percent ahead of its socialist rival, with 15.2 percent opposed to 13.5 percent.

When asked who they voted for in the last election, VMRO-DPMNE holds steady, but SDSM support has collapsed, from a level of support of 18.2 percent down to the current 13.5 percent. The gain seems to be going toward the left wing populist Levica party, which stands at 5.3 percent.

The poll showed that ethnic Macedonians support VMRO-DPMNE – the opposition party has the support of 14.7 percent, compared to 10.9 percent for SDSM. SDSM used to count on Albanian support to bridge this gap, but that is declining from 0.6 percent to 0.1 percent.

By region, VMRO-DPMNE leads more than double over SDSM in the eastern part of the country, while SDSM has a 3.7 percent lead over VMRO in the Pelagonija region. Levica scores its best results in the east and the south-east.

The survey was conducted in the period between June 18 and June 23 using the CATI method – telephone survey using a computer, on a sample of 1,200 respondents (margin of error: 3%; confidence interval: 95%). The sample is representative at the level of Macedonia according to: region, gender and age in terms of population estimates from the State Statistical Office from 2019.

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