VMRO-DPMNE MP: The resolution we offer is a response to the blockade from Bulgaria


 If there were no identity demands for redefining the Macedonian national identity and language, there would be no blockade by Bulgaria. The blockade from Bulgaria is not because of the economic, ecological, health or agricultural policy of Macedonia, but because of their demands not to recognize the existence of the Macedonian national and linguistic identity and continuity before 1944, said VMRO-DPMNE Voice President and MP Vlado Misajlovski.

The blockade is for the purpose of clearly defining Bulgaria’s request in their state foreign policy, established in their Parliament. According to Zaev’s logic, Bulgaria must and should have its own state resolution for Macedonia, and Macedonia must not and should not have a state resolution for our Macedonia. The Assembly is the highest state body that only has the right to determine the directions in foreign policy. The flight from the public in determining the national and state positions and the escape from the Parliament, clearly speaks of the readiness of Zoran Zaev to offer, trade and deviate exactly for what Bulgaria wants. The statements, demands and positions of Bulgaria that go into the continuity, the separation and the sovereignty of the Macedonian ethnic and linguistic identity have become an everyday thing. The resolution we offer is a response to the blockade, a response to the denials and a response to the bad policies towards Macedonia,” said Misajlovski.

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