Stoilkovski: State Department report on government corruption confirms the feeling of first and second class citizens in Macedonia


We are following with concern the reports of Macedonia sinking into crime and corruption. The US State Department report is important, but only the last document in a series that emphasizes that there are credible allegations of government corruption in Macedonia. The business is failing and suffers for everyone but not for the members of the government, which creates a feeling among the citizens for first and second class citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

Not only business but life as a whole is on the brink of extinction. Macedonia led by Zoran Zaev and SDSM found itself in the focus of the media only because of crime and corruption. Macedonia is a country that does not have passports for its own citizens, and has passports for world-class mobsters. Macedonia became recognized as a “black health hole” because SDSM instead of vaccines went for commissions. Macedonia is in recession because SDSM and Zaev, instead of capital investments, started rigging tenders and large commissions. Macedonia is sinking because of Vice’s racket, Den Donchev’s bag, changing the accusation of “Bribery”. The SCPC opens, but does not close, timely cases that scandalize the public. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is silent about the biggest scandals, even when it is wiretapped, waiting for the Republic Chief Prosecutor to be rewarded and promoted.

That is why Macedonia is on the 111th place in the world ranking, that is why it continues to fall on all measurements of Transparency, Heritage, that is why Macedonia is ruled by a hybrid regime of Zaev and SDSM. There is no relevant world report that does not show that crime and corruption are a basic feature of Macedonia led by Zaev and SDSM, says Stoilkovski.

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