Constitutional experts tell Xhaferi: Use your natural right to speak in Albanian privately, not when you represent Macedonia


Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi flagrantly violated the Constitution by addressing the Albanian language in the European Parliament and is transparently referring to the natural law. The first parliamentarian can invoke natural law if he speaks in private, but also when he represents the country. Additionally, in this sensitive moment for the country when others dispute the Macedonian language, Xhaferi harmed Macedonia.

These are the views of constitutional law experts after Xhaferi said that he did not violate the Constitution by addressing the Foreign Affairs Committee in Brussels in Albanian at the European Parliament – Western Balkans Summit.

“Since it is about the use of the language of a conference in the European Parliament, Xhaferi should speak in Macedonian, because he represents the country, and that is regulated in the Constitution. Nobody disputes his natural law, but if it is in private application,” says Ivanovski.

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