Education Ministry denies, but still photos show that Parent 1 and Parent 2 exist in the E-record books


Parent 1 parent 2 exists in the electronic record book despite the persistent denial of the Ministry of Education, where on Sunday they again accused that the information was “completely untrue and fabricated” and that the image that appeared was part of an e-record book application from 2010, reports Alfa TV.

But a teacher from a primary school today sent a new photo to Alfa TV which clearly shows that the terms “mother and father” do not exist, instead, in most of the examples, fathers are marked with number 1, mothers with number 2.

“When asked why there is a need to remove the traditional terms and place parents in that place under ordinal numbers, the Ministry of Education and Science appealed to the public not to succumb to false information despite the evidence in public. They also deny any plan to delete the terms in accordance with the new conception that is planned from September 1,” Alfa added.

“We urge parents, teachers and students not to succumb to such false information and to follow the official notifications and documents of the Ministry of Education and Science that are publicly available, in order to avoid their manipulation,” said the Ministry of Education and Science.


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