Dr. Zafirovski: The authorities should not ignore the threat of the Delta variant, visitors to be tested when entering the country


The government must not ignore the danger that threatens us as a consequence of the delta strain of the coronavirus, said on Sunday Dr. Oliver Zafirovski from the ranks of VMRO – DPMNE and recommended to establish a testing system at the border crossings to enter the country.

Zafirovski pointed out that according to what is available to experts as information, the mentioned mutation of the virus can be considered much more contagious, it spreads faster, it covers the young population and the possibilities for complications are greater.

“But on the other hand, the government has no plan in sight to protect the population. Countries in the region and the world have strict controls when entering their territory, only in Macedonia there is no control,” said Dr. Zafirovski.

He assessed that the small presence of COVID-19 in Macedonia and the size of the country provide an excellent opportunity to prevent a “huge” epidemic wave this fall.

“All that Health Minister Venko Filipche should do is to introduce a system of mandatory testing at the border crossings and at the airports, in order to prevent COVID-positive people from entering the territory of Macedonia freely. In that direction, Filipche must make the testing within the country more accessible “, said Zafirovski.

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