Dr. Zafirovski: Filipche to make a map of hospitals that will treat COVID-19 patients, so that the whole system does not treat only coronavirus patients


The world is facing the challenge of the delta strain of the COVID-19 virus, and the risk of another big wave in the fall is great. In addition to the proposed measures that we addressed to Filipche in order to prevent an explosion of new cases from October, Filipche must prepare the system, so that hospitals are ready for any scenario, said Dr. Oliver Zafirovski from the ranks of VMRO –DPMNE on Monday.

“To our knowledge, the government is not doing anything to prepare for a possible autumn wave. Filipce to say whether the hospitals are ready for the new COVI19 wave, and if not why nothing has been done so far? Additionally, a map of hospitals must be made immediately, they will be included in the project of COVID centers, in order not to put ourselves in a situation where the entire health system treats only COVID patients, and to leave the other patients at mercy. Prepare protocols immediately, provide sufficient medication, and personal protective equipment, such as face masks, protective suits, gloves, and disinfectants. At the same time to raise the level of hygiene, and to make the necessary repairs or repairs where necessary. The ease and carelessness with which Filipche and Zaev behave in the midst of the biggest pandemic of our time is astonishing,” says Zafirovski.

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