Zaev confirms – The Law on Citizenship passed to the Government with European flag fast-track procedure


The Law on Citizenship was passed by the Government today and will have a ‘European flag’ for a fast-track procedure. The services will send it to the Parliament, but it is blocked by the political party Levica without reasonable justification, said Prime Minister ZoranZaev Tuesday. has already announced that the Government will attach a European flag to the Law on Citizenship in order for it to be adopted in the Parliament in a fast-track procedure.

“The law is in line with the citizenship declarations adopted in the EU. The last changes were with correspondent tables – complete incorporation of European regulations in our legislation. The criteria for solving the citizenship problem are being broadened. We are generally in agreement, the government and the opposition. The law is blocked by a small political party Levica which without reasonable justification does not give an answer why it does it, except, in my opinion, to produce interethnic problems and intolerance that we should keep and nurture, and not to encourage and spread,” Zaev told the media.

According to Zaev, although the law was submitted at the initiative of the Alliance of Albanians and Alternativa, it was agreed that the Government would release it.

“This is literally the same text submitted by MPs. The services will send it to the Parliament in the next few days,” the Prime Minister added.

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