(PHOTO) Galichnik wedding this upcoming weekend: These are this year’s newlyweds  


After a break of one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this weekend will be held the traditional manifestation known as the Galichnik wedding where this year according to the old Galichnik customs the newlyweds Katerina Ilievska and Filip Bundeski will tie the knot.

This year’s groom Filip comes from Galichnik and, as he said today at their presentation, for many years he participated in the wedding in Galichnik in several roles – as an extra, a horseman, and one year he was the old brother.

“I am quite familiar with the customs and, as time passed, I saw myself more and more as a son-in-law at the Galichnik wedding. The feeling of being part of this rich Macedonian tradition cannot be described. The responsibility is great to follow all the customs and to respect everything that our ancestors left us,” said this year’s Galichnik groom Filip Bundeski.

Katerina Ilievska said that she is honored that this year she is a Galichnik bride and is proud to be part of the centuries-old tradition.

“The Galichnik wedding is one of the most authentic in the Balkans and beyond, therefore we look forward to the weekend in which we will honor our ancestors, our tradition. I am sure that we will all have a good weekend together in Galichnik,” said Katerina.

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