(PHOTO) Government uses wrong flag on the logo for 30 years of Macedonia’s independence


The sun, the constitutional name, the international MK code and the number 30 are the symbols united on the traditional red base which emphasize our statehood of the logo design that will be used on the occasion of the jubilee – 30 years since the country declared independence.

However, everything would have been okay if the Macedonian flag was not wrong, i.e. it is the middle ray of our sun which should be one, but the logo is presented with two rays.

This humiliating logo on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the independence of our country will be applied to all public events of state institutions in the upcoming period and will be available to all citizens, as part of the visualization of the program to mark the 30th anniversary of the independence referendum.

“The design of the logo is inspired by the Macedonian statehood, from the day when the citizens decided to have an independent Republic of Macedonia and from everything that today our North Macedonia brings with it as a democratic state determined for peace, democracy, cooperation and development,” said Government spokesperson Dushko Arsovski at a press briefing.

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